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With more than 20 years of experience in the lighting industry in UAE as one of leading lighting specialists, we take the step towards the Egyptian market to take part of the current development happening on the land of Pharaohs.

We offer the full range of lighting services from design, product selection, lux calculation, 3D modelling to installation and support. We take pride in our ability to provide a wide range of products, from classic, crystal chandeliers to contemporary pendants and lamps. From simple lighting ideas, we go all the way to highly technical lighting design for commercial installations that are crafted using the latest professional software to address the individual needs of our valued customers seamlessly and harmoniously.


The best way to know when there’s good lighting is when you do not notice it.

We advocate lighting as one of the most essential elements of design which should be used not only for functionality but also for sensorial reasons.
Apart from this, it is important that the materials are durable and sustainable. Inspired by the speed of light Larsa Egypt is known for its prompt response to inquiries, immense attention to what clients want, and a quick turnaround time regarding deliveries and detailed technical support whenever needed. Our skilled and knowledgeable professionals demonstrate the latest product developments and industry trends to help you understand what is best for your requirement. As a lighting solutions company, we endeavour to unlock the exceptional potential of light for brighter lives and a well-lit world. We nurture a culture of quality with exclusivity and durability, making every fitting a marvel.